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Card of Thanks

Thank You
Sunday, April 7, 2019
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Where to begin? Bo Griffin was loved—by family certainly, but also by so many friends, colleagues, associates and acquaintances from near and far. Your continued outpouring of love and support for our family during this difficult time is simply phenomenal. One card that we received from former Andrews residents mentioned that “if they knew anything about the Andrews community that they are gathering around you at this time of need.” They are so very right. We could not have made it this far without your prayers, support and love, and we want to thank every single individual or business who sent food or flowers, shared memories with us, stood with us through our loss or continue to grieve with us.

We want to especially show appreciation to Pastor Jerry Bailey and Northcrest Baptist Church, Pastor Harvey Enriquez, our City of Andrews family, Rex Johnson with McNett Funeral Home, JP Neri Flores, Ronny McCarver, the police officers and paramedics who responded to our emergency and anyone else who came when we needed them. Everyone was so kind and thoughtful, and we appreciate you more than we can voice. Bo’s service was a true celebration of his life, and we are so grateful for the legacy that he left and to have been loved by him. The Proclamation from the city was an amazing tribute to Bo, and we appreciate all of the support and concern expressed by the City Council and Mayor Flora Braly. Steve Eggleston and Scott Wallace went above and beyond to meet our every need, support us and make whatever arrangements we asked for to accommodate our wishes. As Bro. Jerry pointed out, Bo would have hated all of the attention and hoopla, but it was deserved for a life well-lived. Both Bro. Jerry and Bro. Harvey had to struggle through their own grief to celebrate Bo’s life with us, and we thank them for that. He was bigger than life to those who loved him, and we have a huge hole in our hearts and lives that will never be filled. We appreciate more than we can say the care that was taken by Rex Johnson and McNett Funeral Home to meet our every need and make sure that Bo’s care and service were exactly what we wanted. Rex, you are my hero for the way that you cared for Bo and all of us. What you do is certainly a calling rather than a job, and you are a Rockstar. One last special thank you goes out to all of the businesses who have done so much for all of us out of remembrance and respect for Bo. The “donut” flower arrangement and Bush’s Chicken stand out in my memory, but there are others no doubt. Bush’s Chicken was Bo’s coke place, and they continue to support the family in his honor. His coke with a shot of Red Fanta is legendary. Please forgive us if we left anyone out. Always know that everyone is appreciated for everything that you did for Bo or his family. You are loved!